Animal Pattern Rocker Stampers


These Easi-Grip Animal Pattern Rocker Stampers entertain children for hours and encourage creative patterns!

Soft rubber and chunky handles make them perfect for young children. Just rock your hands to create funky animal prints.

Use them to create fun designs with paint, clay, dough, sensory sand, or ink pads.


  • Set of 4
  • 4 animal patterns including: giraffe, leopard, zebra and snake.
  • Easy to clean
  • Measure 7.5cm height and 5.5cm length.

Some Activity Ideas:

  • Stamping Nature Scenes: Create a jungle or zoo scene using animal stampers and paint.
  • Animal Print Collages: Combine stamped animal prints with cut-out shapes to make unique collages.
  • Storytelling Mats: Stamp animals on large paper and use them as storytelling props.
  • Sensory Art: Roll stampers in sensory sand or clay to create textured patterns.
  • Wrapping Paper: Design custom wrapping paper by stamping animal patterns on large sheets.
  • Greeting Cards: Make personalized greeting cards with colorful animal prints.
  • Rolling Art: Roll stampers in paint or ink and roll them on paper for continuous patterns.