Sensory Cotton Sand 700g - Natural

Type: Sensory

Sensory Cotton Sand 700g - Natural 

Look it really is difficult for me to describe the feeling of using this wickedly sensory cotton sand. It's like the not-so-secret love child of kinetic sand and a flubber. 

You can grab it and break off chunks that hold their shape. Then as you relax your hold upon the cotton sand, it relaxes and beings to flow. You can use two hands and stretch the divinely sensory cotton sand apart and it almost stretches like a dough made from spider webs. 

The 700g tub is the perfect size for your solo young one. If you have two or more children who really need to not share (cause seriously, who really likes this sharing is caring turn taking business? I don't. It's hard to share such a brilliant tactile item), then the 2kg tub of the Sensory Cotton Sand  is the product for you. 

 Check out our video of this gorgeous sensory cotton sand: