Vortex Valve - Tornado Tube


With a flick of the wrist a tornado in a bottle is created. This is scientific fun at its best!  These sets are even more improved as they now include two ‘0-ring’ to help  protect against leakage.

So you need to get ready for some tornados!

The vortex valve joins two soft drink bottles together at their mouths and it allows children to create a twisty tornado.  This valve is great way to learn about weather and the natural disasters that occur from time to time. 


  • Any sized bottles will work, but 1.25L bottles are easier for young children to use. Make sure you remove the labels so you can see the tornado!
  • Fill a 1.25 litre plastic bottle with water.
  • Screw the vortex valve onto the almost filled bottle and then attach the empty bottle to the other end. It will look like an hour glass at this point!
  • Turn the bottles upside down while you also turn the bottle so the water swishes around and your tornado should appear. This may take some practice.
  • This shows that air takes up space, also known as volume even though we can't see it and exerts a pressure.
  • When water flows down, the air must move up, swapping places! 
  • Extend this learning by adding in some food colouring to the water to get a different visual effects.
  • You could use multiple bottles at once and compare and contrast the movement as well as how long the tornado turns in each bottle. Is there a  difference in the movement with or without the colour?


  • Plastic tornado connector.
  • Colours vary and the plastic bottles not included in the kit.