1-20 Numbers Matching Game

Type: Game

The colorful number matching pairs set includes 40 wooden discs with numbers from 1 to 20. Made from natural beech wood, these unique discs develop early numeracy skills like number recognition, counting, addition, and subtraction.

This 1-20 Numbers Matching Game stimulates your little one's brain neurons and provides a fun learning experience. It introduces numeracy and subsequently encourages children to feel positive and confident as they learn through play. Non-toxic heat transfer technology prints the numbers, and a clear matt varnish therefore ensures they last for years of play.

Perfect for preschool-aged children, this 1-20 Numbers Matching Game, in conclusion develops cognitive skills and nurtures counting abilities in a fun and engaging way. Children will delight in the numbered tiles because they are colourfull, designed to sharpen their number recognition skills. The wooden pieces make learning numbers 1 to 20 most importantly fun and easy.


  • 40 wooden discs in each set that comes in a handy drawstring bag.
  • Each disc is 5 cm in diameter.
  • Made with FSC certified beech wood.
  • Suitable for children ages 2 years and over.

Here are a few developmental benefits of the 1-20 Numbers Matching Game:

  1. Number Recognition: Helps children identify and recognize numbers from 1 to 20.
  2. Counting Skills: Enhances counting abilities through interactive play.
  3. Early Math Skills: Introduces basic addition and subtraction concepts.
  4. Cognitive Development: Stimulates brain activity and improves cognitive functions.
  5. Fine Motor Skills: Develops hand-eye coordination and dexterity through handling and matching discs.
  6. Memory Improvement: Strengthens memory through matching and recall activities.
  7. Confidence Building: Encourages a positive attitude towards learning and builds self-confidence.
  8. Problem-Solving: Enhances problem-solving abilities and logical thinking.
  9. Social Skills: Promotes cooperative play and sharing when played with others.