Aboriginal Symbol Wooden Memory Game

Type: Game

These Aboriginal Symbol Wooden Memory Game are a great toy to learn about the symbols used in some Aboriginal culture, opening discussions around the traditional Australian patterns of our First Nations People.

Including resources that celebrate Aboriginal culture within our teaching and learning spaces is a way of teaching respect, developing awareness as well as building knowledge through play. 

Designed in collaboration with award-winning Aboriginal artist De Greer-Yindimincarlie, each disc contains an Indigenous symbol such as meeting place, waterhole and rainbow just to name a few.

Benefits of Aboriginal Symbols Matching Discs

  1. Culturally Enriching Experience: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Australia's Aboriginal peoples with our wooden matching discs adorned with authentic Aboriginal symbols. Each symbol carries unique meanings, allowing players to connect with the stories and traditions of this ancient culture.
  2. Educational Learning Tool: Our Aboriginal Symbol Wooden Memory Game serves as a powerful educational resource, enabling players to develop essential cognitive skills such as memory retention, pattern recognition, and critical thinking in a fun and interactive manner.
  3.  Multigenerational Fun: Perfect for all ages, this wooden memory game bridges the generation gap, offering a delightful bonding experience for families, friends, and educators. Its universal appeal fosters inclusivity and brings people together.
  4. Handcrafted Quality: Each wooden disc is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring durability and an exquisite finish. Made from high-quality materials, our memory game guarantees long-lasting enjoyment and sustainability.
  5. Symbolic Storytelling: Engage in the art of storytelling as you uncover the symbolic meanings behind each Aboriginal symbol. Stimulate creativity and imagination while connecting with ancient narratives that have been passed down through generations.
  6. Mindful Gift Choice: Whether for a special occasion or to promote cultural appreciation, our Aboriginal Symbol Wooden Memory Game makes a thoughtful and mindful gift choice. Give the gift of learning and cultural exploration to your loved ones.
  7. Enhances Cultural Awareness: By engaging with Aboriginal symbols and their significance, players gain a deeper understanding of Australian Indigenous culture. This fosters cultural appreciation, respect, and empathy for diverse worldviews.
  8. Versatile Learning Resource: Our wooden matching discs are not limited to just a memory game. They can be used in various educational settings, including classrooms, homeschooling, and cultural workshops, enhancing the learning experience.
  9. Interactive Social Learning: Encourage group play and social interaction with this memory game, promoting teamwork, communication, and cooperation among players. It's an excellent way to build social skills while having fun.
  10. Screen-Free Entertainment: With our Aboriginal Symbol Wooden Memory Game, bid farewell to digital screens and immerse yourself in a tactile and engaging playtime experience. It's a healthy alternative to screen-based entertainment.
  11. Positive Impact: Your purchase supports Indigenous artisans and communities, contributing to their economic empowerment. Promote fair trade practices while enjoying a meaningful and culturally significant product.

    Harness the power of cultural exploration, education, and captivating gameplay with our Aboriginal Symbol Wooden Memory Game. Order now and embark on a journey of learning and discovery!


  • 20 wooden discs in each set
  • calico drawstring bag for storage
  • suitable for children aged 2 years and over
  • Each disc is 5 cm in diameter.
  • Made with FSC certified beech wood
  • printed using non-toxic heat transfer technologY
  • sealed with a clear matte varnish to ensure durability