Hex Tuff Tray and Stand - Small

Color - Jungle Green

The small Hex Tuff Tray and stand is a versatile sensory play tool suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, offering a wide range of activities for children to engage in. The Hex Tuff Tray offers endless possibilities for sensory play and learning. This makes it an invaluable tool for parents, educators, and caregivers looking to stimulate children's senses and encourage creativity and exploration.

Introducing our Hex Tuff Tray & Stand – the ultimate sensory play solution for kids, designed for both indoor and outdoor adventures! Discover endless possibilities with this versatile tray, perfect for engaging activities ranging from sand and water play to painting and bubble fun.

Our sensory play tray is easy to store and effortlessly fits through standard doorways, ensuring quick setup wherever inspiration strikes. The accompanying stand offers three adjustable heights and features non-slip rubber feet for stability during play.

We have three colours available: black, taupe, jungle green.

This product is for the tuff tray PLUS the stand. and you'll find an abundance of uses. It's the staple resource for any learning environment!  

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  • Hexagonal Design: The unique hexagonal shape of the tray provides ample space for various sensory activities while adding visual interest.
  • Durable Construction: Made from sturdy materials, the tray is designed to withstand the rigors of playtime and exploration.
  • Easy Storage: The tray is easy to store when not in use, thanks to its compact design.
  • Portable: With dimensions that allow it to fit through a standard doorway, the tray can be easily moved from one location to another.
  • Adjustable Stand: The stand offers three adjustable heights, catering to different age groups and allowing for comfortable play experiences.
  • Non-Slip Feet: Equipped with non-slip rubber feet, the stand provides stability and prevents it from sliding during play.
  • Dimensions: Tray: 71mm in diameter + Stand Height: Adjustable from 450mm to 650mm
  • For optimal longevity, we recommend storing the tray indoors when not in use, although its outdoor suitability ensures durability in various environments.

Potential Uses for  Small Hex Tuff Tray and Stand:

Sand and Water Play: Fill the tray with sand, water, or both to create a sensory experience that promotes exploration and tactile learning.
Painting: Use the tray as a canvas for painting activities. Children can experiment with different colors and textures while expressing their creativity.
Bubbles: Fill the tray with bubble solution and let children explore the fascinating world of bubbles, promoting sensory stimulation and hand-eye coordination.
Small World Play: Create miniature landscapes or scenes using toys and natural materials, encouraging imaginative play and storytelling.
Sensory Exploration: Fill the tray with various materials such as rice, pasta, or beans, and let children explore different textures, shapes, and sounds.
Messy Play: Engage in messy play activities like mud play, slime-making, or finger painting, providing opportunities for sensory exploration and messy fun.

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