Tuff Tray - Black


Tuff Tray, are also known as play trays that are perfect for creating invitations to play. Tuff Tray - Black is the perfect backdrop to children's play. These large, sturdy shallow trays lend themselves to all sorts of play - be it messy or be it small world. The solid rim helps to keep any messy or sensory play bases confined, while setting a visual boundary for children. 

Perfect for small world play, sensory play, painting or sensory craft experiences

They can be used for small world play, sensory play, painting or sensory craft experiences. The large size of the Tuff Tray - Black allows for a number of children to play together, or parallel depending upon their ages and stages of development. The tray can also be set up inside or outside making it a very versatile resource to have. 

Tuff Tray - Black, are perfect for early childhood learning settings, homeschooling families, pre-schools or the home! Confine the mess, don't stifle it! I have used the tuff trays for setting up dinosaur small worlds or fairy gardens and the children have spent absolute hours engrossed in pretend play. 

Black tuff tray is ideal for messy play indoor or outdoor with sand and water

Ideal for messy play indoor or outdoor with sand and water, creating small 3D worlds, exploring natural materials and much more. Depth of tray safely contains messy activities. The Tuff Tray - Black  is made from tough, durable plastic, designed in an octagonal shape for easy access and encourages group play. A sturdy metal stand with adjustable heights is available to suit this tray. Made from recycled materials. Tray Depth: 5cm

 PLEASE NOTE:  that when we place our tuff trays in stock, we have confirmed at the time there is stock in the suppliers warehouse. However, sometimes an influx of orders occurs from other retailers, in which case your order will be swapped to a backorder.

We will contact you should this occur. We will give you the option to wait for your order to arrive (which may take a few weeks), or we will in good faith refund your order. Your satisfaction as a customer of Sticks & Stones Education is so very important to me! - Gaby


  • Please note this is for the tray only. The stand must be purchased separately, or in a set.
  • tray measures approximately : 98.5Lx98.5Wx5cm depth
  • made from recycled materials
  • octagonal shape to support group play

Please Note:

  • If your Tuff Tray - Black is a bit warped, simply fill it with water and place it in the sun on the ground. This will settle the materials. Also try and store it flat. 
  • When using the tuff tray on a stand, be careful not to overload it. It could cause warping. The tuff tray is to be used for small world play, sensory play and arts and crafts.
  • While this product is designed for both indoor and outdoor play, it does need to be stored undercover and not left out in the elements. Over time UV will cause the plastic to become brittle. 

Please note that this product is delivered directly from our supplier so delivery times and methods will vary.

Rural locations may require shipping invoiced in addition to our flatrate shipping rates.