Bauspiel Colour Street - Set of 45 (PRE-ORDER)

Type: Wooden Toys

Bauspiel Colour Street - Set of 45

It wasn't until I saw these blocks in person that I 'got it'. I really truly 'got it'. Sure in my original product description I wrote how they were beautiful and handcrafted from alder wood and all that jazz ... opening the box though, I really had no idea just how gorgeous they were going to be in person. It was like a first date where the profile photo of the person you're going to meet, really just doesn't do them justice. 

They glow and some of them even reflect what is around them. I was mesmerised as I held them up and examined them closely. Yes they have a higher price point than some other blocks BUT seriously they are so freaking worth it. To show you, I've put together a little video below to show you just how stunning they are. You really do have to see them in person, that's when their personality shines. 

These beautiful wooden blocks by Bauspiel are handcrafted from Alder wood in Germany. This magical set features 45 large wooden blocks, including 40 with colourful facet-cut gemstones that sparkle in the light. They can be used on their own or with existing block collections as embellishments!


  • 40 blocks with two embedded gemstones  
  • 5 plain blocks
  • The set comes in a wooden tray for storage
  • The gemstones are in 20 different colours.


  • 45 pieces
  • Wooden tray that measuring 54 x 27 x 12cm.
  • Each block measures 10 x 5 x 2.5cm.

Bauspiel is a German manufacturer of high quality wooden toys known for their great workmanship. All Bauspiel wooden products are non-toxic and EU standard 71 compliant. Due to the nature of wood, each item may vary slightly, adding to its individual character.