Blue Spotted Toadstool House

Type: Felt Toys

Blue 'Shroom House - COMING SOON!

Gnomes need homes too! And that is why you need this sweet blue toadstool gnome home! This is the perfect addition to your small world play. It's a home that the gnomes can be proud to call their own. 

This gorgeous gnome house features a whimsical blue spotty roof that mimics the top of a toadstool, with the white bottom that mimics the stem. There is a working door that opens and closes and latches with a loop and nob. There is a window on the side as well as a green vine that winds along the side. It truly is magical and is filled with spirit - the perfect place for gnomes! 

This home can be paired with our felt toadstools (mushrooms) and a felt mat or two as well as our felt stones. These elements help create the perfect fantasy playscape. Make sure you mix and match your sensory items to really deepen children's sensory experience, their emerging language and their play!

These felt products are hand felted in Nepal in local Himalayan communities working in a fair trade environment. As a result, each home is unique and there will be slight variations between them. Himalayan Journey provide underprivileged Himalayan women the opportunity to work and earn a fair wage. They are made from 100% Australian wool and are eco-friendly.


  • measures approximately 40cm, but this may vary due to the handmade nature of this item. 


  • handmade in fair trade conditions
  • 100% wool felt