Dutch Step Gable Blocks - Set of 16 || Papoose Toys

Type: Blocks

The design of these stunning wooden blocks are inspired by the shapes the Dutch roof lines of Amsterdam. These beautiful wooden blocks inset with coloured gemstones that will reflect the light that is shown towards them rather than from behind. 

Papoose Toys has done it again. I had recovered from the moment I opened up the box of the Bauspiel Street Blocks I had ordered for a friend ... I was sitting in the garden playing with them in the sunshine and I was just so absolutely in love. I really wanted to keep them for myself. They were so perfect. I had then picked my jaw up form the floor when I saw the Goethe Bitcoins and NOW they go and launch these Dutch Step Gable Blocks. I don't know how much more of this I can take. 

The blocks measure 10cm x 2.5cm and are the perfect addition to the Papoose Toys Bitcoins, the Lucite cubes products and also with our stunning Bauspiel range. They also work well together with the others in this series, even though they are of different heights. 

Please note: From time to time, small marks may appear on the gems and are considered normal. It doesn't happen often,  but there occasionally may be some small specks or marks within the gem itself. Please consider this a sign of the hand work involved in making these blocks and it certainly does not detract form the function and play value.  A cracked gem is definitely considered faulty, in the unlikely event you get one of those, please let us know so we can arrange with our supplier to have your damaged item replaced. The blocks are solid and the gem is not see through.