Felt Pom-Poms Spring Mini-Set

Type: Loose Parts

Felt Pom-Poms Spring - Mini-Set (20)

This mini-set of spring pom poms is a beautiful product consisting of golden yellow, soft rose, violet, gentle teal, a soft mandarin, lime green, white and an early morning sky blue. In this mini set, you get 20 marbles which measure 2.5cm diameter. A nice solid size for a loose part I think! We have actually improved our sets, and include two palm frond trays with a pair of bamboo tongs. 

These are hand made in Nepal from natural fibres and they are fair trade - even better! Seriously, I almost don't want to sell these. I want them for myself.

These are fabulous loose parts and will support children's language and knowledge building around colour. Seriously, I dare you to find the names of all the colours!