Mixed Rainbow Gems - Set 144 || Bauspiel


 Beautiful Rainbow Gems for Loose Parts Play - Set of 144

This set of stunning Bauspiel loose rainbow gems sparkle in the sun and set children's imaginations alight with their vibrancy. They come in a variety of  different sizes and shapes. 

This full set includes 144 individual gems in different gemstone designs: tear drop, oval, square, circle, rectangle, heart, oblong and diamond and the colours of the rainbow.

This would be a most stunning addition to your loose part collection and would afford children hours and hours of learning through some seriously engaged play. How could you not be inspired? I know that I fell in love with them the moment I saw them. 


  • Children can sort the gems according to their colours and their shapes.
  • They can experiment with creating their own pattern designs, or you can make a game of copy that pattern! This is an important skill for learning about maths.
  • They can explore transient art and create stunning vibrant mindful mandalas.
  • They explore how the light refracts off the surface of the gems and use mirrors, lights, the sun to see how light responds. 

They would also match our tamarind sorting tray and children could explore warm and cool colours when they sort them. 

Please note that these gems are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.