Creating beauty where you can ... - Sticks & Stones Education

Creating beauty where you can ...

We are finding ourselves in strange and uncertain times. We started the year with catastrophic bushfires and then stepped straight into a pandemic. We have had so much heavy emotion to wade through this year, and we have only just ticked over into May. I actually have started so many newsletters and left them they didn't seem right. But I finally worked it all out. So a newsletter becomes a blog post which makes more sense as its own blog. Go figure. 

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Reflections on the Year 2018 - Sticks & Stones Education

Reflections on the Year 2018

I am struggling with the notion that 2018 is nearly done and dusted. What just happened? No, seriously, what. just. happened?

Reflecting back over 2018, I had some big milestones, and they were mostly business related. I started this modest business in 2013 with a business partner, and in mid-2018 I took it solo. I’d spent a wee bit of time beforehand trialling things out and thinking things through before committing to the decision of continuing the business. 

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