Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a store?

Sticks & Stones Education is an online home-based business. I am operating from my home and at this point in time I don't have a physical store front. However, as we grow, this is not an impossibility. 

Can I visit you and see your products?

Unfortunately no, as  I operate from my home, its best to keep my personal and home life separate from the business. In time we may have a physical location where you can visit and see our products first hand. 

I am planning on creating some videos of all our products so that you can see them virtually and learn about their attributes in a more visual format. I will also be looking at attending more markets and events in time, so if you are based in Sydney there is a chance for you to come and see our products for yourself. 

Don't forget our annual Emporium! It is held in Sydney on the Queen's Birthday long weekend on the Saturday - currently our location is at Addison Road Community Centre in Marrickville. We host the event and have 20+ other businesses join us. This is your definite chance to come and meet me and see all our amazing products first hand! 

Are you open 24 hours a day? 7 days a week?

Our online store is set to operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. All orders are automatically sent through to me via our online shopfront. It is a secure website so it is entirely safe for you to use. As I work full time as a teacher, I process the orders after school and on weekends. 

When do you ship orders?

I am currently processing orders on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I use couriers and Australia Post.

Do you do events?

I can do events! Feel free to ask me! My ability to do events will depend upon the notice, as well the dates and times and of course location. As it is quite a physical job (counting products, packing them into containers, packing the car, travelling to the event, unloading and setting up, being on my feet for the duration of the day, then packing up, stock take, loading and unloading the car and then updating the website - is all a bit much! Soooo I can only muster the strength to do a few a year. I do hope to do as many as I can as I love bringing my shop to the people! I especially love supporting Family Day Care educators and schemes, and participating in their events and conferences is part of my plans to give back and support educators. 

There is also our annual event - The Education Emporium which I mentioned previously.

Would you visit our centre?

Unfortunately I work full time as a teacher andI simply can't manage centre visits as well as full time work. I would love for my business to grow to the point where I could do some centre visits! I will be doing some videos though so that you can see the products up close and personal through a screen! So stay tuned for those as I'll be creating a YouTube channel in 2020 and using it! 

When will you be getting this back in stock?

We have installed an application that allows you to register your email address to receive notification that an item is back in stock! This is the best way for you to be notified. 

Would you donate to our give-away or charity?

As much as I would love to support every charity and give-away, I'm essentially a one woman show. Any give-aways I may participate in would be based upon a case by case basis.  As a person I support a number of small charitable organizations as well as do volunteer myself. I unfortunately cannot support everyone. 

Updated: 02/12/19