Pre-Order Policy

For some of our product lines we have decided to operate on a pre-order basis. We will note this in the details of the product and include a link to this policy. 

We open pre-orders for certain items that have been ordered in advance from our suppliers. Oftentimes these are the high demand items. When you place an order for these pre-ordered items and you also include items that we have in stock, please be aware that your order will be shipped when the pre-order items arrive.  

If you require the delivery of part of your order minus the pre-order items, sooner than the estimated delivery date please place a separate order OR send us a message and we'll invoice you for $10.95, our flat rate postage fee.

We amend our product descriptions to include the estimated the arrival window of our items which we have pre-ordered, however from time to time, this estimated time frame is extended due to circumstances outside of our control. We will update the product descriptions as we become aware of changes. And where applicable, we'll email you to keep you informed of changes. You may also wish to email us if you have any questions. 

The items that we pre-order are typically high demand items and new items we are releasing.