Wooden Dice - Sets of 6, 3 or 2


Wooden Dice 

Dice are a core tool in supporting young children and their developing number skills and are in fact used in schools in small group and large group experience. Circle champion being an all time favourite! 

These wooden dice are beautiful and chunky. They give children an opportunity to recognise numbers without counting. This is called subitising and it develops in young children at a young age. 

Dice can be a very versatile resource, perfect for mathematical activities from basic key maths concepts like counting, addition and subtraction through to more advanced concepts like probability and chance. Children have visual memories and subitising can support them in building crucial number sense. 

For example many  four-year-old children can learn to recognise five dots on a dice and this helps them to understand the ‘howmanyness’ of five or the cardinal value of five. They can link the symbol, the word and other representations of five. 

There are 3 options:

  • A set of 6 dice $29.95
  • A set of 3 dice $15.95
  • A set of 2 dice $10.95