Magnetic Wand and Chips

Color - Pink

Children are natural scientists looking to discover the world around them. They love exploring cause and effect and developing an understanding of the properties of objects in our world. Our sets of magnetic wands with metal rimmed counting chips do exactly this. 

Let children explore the world around them with these bright colourful magnetic wands. Children can learn what objects in their immediate world are magnetic, and those that are not. 


  • The wands contains a permanent magnet which is safely folded into the end of a brightly coloured plastic handle which is durable and easy to clean. These metal rimmed counters are a perfect addition to any sensory tub. Hide the chips in coloured rainbow rice or a seed and grain mix rice and let your little one explore with a magnetic wand.
  • You could also place the magnetic chips into a wide mouthed bottle, and then use the wands to life the magnets.
  • Sort the coloured chips into colour piles and count them.
  • Great for counting, sorting and use with a light box.
  • A steel ring around the edge of each chip allows it to be readily attracted to magnets.
  • Magnet play is a fabulous way to teach children about how magnets work. You can combine biology and environmental science by creating a tray of various items from around the house or classroom as well as natural items such as seed pods.
  • Children can also add and subtract magnetic chips from a surface which helps them learn mathematical concepts such as more and less, on and off as well as size and shape.


  • 6 colours to choose from- red, yellow, blue, green, orange, pink
  • Set includes 1 wand plus 100 magnetic chips
  • Rust resistant
  • Suitable for children ages 3+
  • Due to the size of the chips children should always be supervised whilst playing.