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Professional Educator Goals for Your Reflection Journal in 2023

Professional Educator Goals for Your Reflection Journal in 2023


Are you stuck trying to find some professional goals for 2023? Well I just sat down and brainstormed a list of 27 for you. I still haven't worked out my own goals, but my excuse is that I haven't ordered my new reflective journal yet.

setting early childhood educator and teacher goals for 2023

In 2023 I am starting a new role as a preschool teacher working in a two unit preschool classroom that I am greatly looking forward to joining. I have so many ideas and I can't wait to make them happen! I actually think I've just answered my own question ... One goal for me professionally will be for me to join an existing team and support my colleagues in getting to know my philosophy and work alongside me as a full-time team member. 

setting goals for early childhood

I will need to be careful and make sure that my ideas and vision board plans don't overwhelm the existing team because hitting the ground running because change can be scary for some. So baby steps!

Here's a list of 27 Personal Professional Goals for Early Childhood Teachers and Early Childhood Educators in 2023

  1. To improve my knowledge of child development and use that knowledge to improve the design and implementation of our teaching and learning curriculum.
  2. To learn more about theory that underpins the Early Years Learning Framework.
  3. To develop my leadership skills take on more responsibility in the service - to become a room leader, a Responsible Person in Charge, a Director, a Nominated Supervisor.
  4. To learn more about the Circle of Security and how it will impact the emotional wellbeing of the children in my care.
  5. To learn about Resourcing Infant Educarers (REI) and how I can incorporate the practices into my nursery room.
  6. To support my colleagues to be the best versions of themselves, through collaborative goal setting and goal achieving.
  7. To learn about trauma informed practice to support the students within my context.
  8. To work on my relationships with parents so we can best support children in achieving their goals and outcomes.
  9. To be more aware of my teaching practices and take a more informed practice in my intentional teaching.
  10. To embed environmentally responsible practices across our classroom and service.
  11. To learn more about Munch and Move and how to embed that knowledge into our early learning curriculum.
  12. To include an Acknowledgement of Country into our morning routine.
  13. To develop my knowledge and embed Aboriginal perspectives into our curriculum.
  14. To develop my knowledge and embed cultural awareness and inclusion into our curriculum.
  15. To improve my knowledge of child developmental theory and embed that knowledge into curriculum planning.
  16. To research = insert topic of interest here =
  17. To develop my knowledge of, and practices around supporting children's behavioural learning.
  18. To grow my professional support network outside of my workplace.
  19. Go back and study! I would like to gain my Diploma or my Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood!
  20. I'd like to move into leadership, I will apply for leadership roles either at my organization or others ...
  21. I'd like to improve my communication skills or perhaps, I'd like to improve my English writing skills to improve my documentation skills.
  22. To improve my time management skills in my workplace ...
  23. To improve my personal time management skills at home ...
  24. To become a mentor to the newer colleagues in my workplace.
  25. Read more for enjoyment ...
  26. Read more professional websites, blogs, books to expand my thinking and knowledge of early childhood education and children's growth and learning.
  27. Find a professional mentor to support my professional growth and learning.

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