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Fabulous Free Printables for Preschool

Fabulous Free Printables for Preschool

A curated collection of free printable resources for teachers and educators 

I was commenting on a post in a casual and relief teacher Facebook group about some ideas for a new to preschool teacher. Many suggestions offered were for printable resources.  I tried to keep my suggestions a bit more play based.  I also noticed that there was many references for free downloads from a company of ill-repute*.

So I thought I would gather some of the wonderful resources I have been using in my play-based preschool classroom and put them all together here in a handy dandy easily accessible resource! This service to be a collection for me, but also a useful link to share when the question is asked again! 

free printables for children

Please keep in mind that these are all free for personal use - which means, you can use them in your home or teaching and learning environments, but you may not sell or distribute them otherwise. Full attribution has been given, and there are no affiliate links on this blog article, however each listing may have affiliations attached. 


Picklebums Website

Kate was once upon a time a preschool teacher. She started a family and used her knowledge and expertise as a teacher to support her teaching her children at home - because let's face it, teaching is a vocation and not something you easily put to the side! This vocation has led to a blog and some amazing resources that I have been using in my own classroom. I've linked a few of my favourites below. There is also an online store if you'd like to download some of her products which you can find here

Printable Roads

Street Signs 

Five Little Ducks 

Five Green Frogs 

Five Cheeky Monkeys (with Crocodile) 

Right Brained Mom 

Right Brained Mom Blog

Right Brained Mom has some wonderful freebies including wonderful ideas on her blog. She's also a crazy mad genius when it comes to power tools and designing amazing toys AND apart from being a small business owner, mother, designer and blogger she has a background in education as well - so you benefit from her experience as well as her knowledge. If you're in Canada or the United States you can purchase her divine creations from her online store. 

Nature Number Cards

Nature ABC Capitals

Nature abc Lower Case

Paper Dolls 

You Clever Monkey 

Nichole is the clever genius behind You Clever Monkey. She couldn't find what she needed and wanted, so like many of us she made them herself. She went one step further though and blogged and shared and now has a wonderful site where you can access her mad genius yourself! Here are some of the freebies I've used myself, plus a link to the entire collection. There is also a paid collection and I have used many of her designs in my time teaching K-2. To learn more about Nichole go here

Sound and Letter Match 

Alphabet Letter Wheel 

Three Part Number Cards 

Coding Cards

The entire free printable collection 

The entire You Clever Monkey collection


Stephanie Hathaway Designs 


Stephanie Hathaway Designs Website

I came across Stephanie on Instagram and I simply fell in love. I have used both her free resources as well as her paid designs as a preschool teacher. And I can't wait to include the feelings and emotions cards when I hit the classroom floor next! She has some amazingly beautiful resources that are DIVINE and super affordable to purchase and download. Just click here to head to her shop!

Feelings and Emotions Cards 

Solar System Matching Game 

Primary Colour Study 

Weather Wheel 

 Little Lifelong Learners

Little Lifelong Learners

Little Lifelong Learners is the brainchild of Casey - an early childhood teacher who also followed her own path after she started her family. She has a freebies library that is yours to access, but you need to subscribe. In order to access her items such as Sushi Shop Printables and the Grocery Store Printables, you'll need to head to her site via the link below, and add it to cart and complete your purchase. Don't worry, there are clear directions! I could even follow them. 

Here's a sneak peak:

Free Resource Library Sign Up. 


The Devil is in the Detail ... 

* Sparklebox. The issue with the aforementioned business is that it is owned by a twice convicted pedophile and that isn't ok with me. He still draws income from the company.  You can look up all the details online including the registered address of the business which is his home - and you can see how rather large it is, so he's doing very well from advertising dollars. Choose where you spend your free clicks. They may not charge, but the cost is through traffic and eye balls on advertisements and link clicks. 


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