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How to Make a Cardboard Village for Small World Play

How to Make a Cardboard Village for Small World Play

How to make your very own cardboard village using everyday objects at home. 

So as many of you know, I'm an early childhood teacher working with preschool aged children. We are currently entering week 6 of a Covid Lockdown due to the rampant Delta variant and of course I cannot be with my students. It sucks because I really like my little crew! 

So we are using Storypark to communicate and educate the children from a safe distance for us all. Now this is not the easiest but we are making it work. We are having to be creative and come up with ideas using every day objects that the children have at home.  I have also been reading stories on video and posting them for the children. 

I had been saving boxes over the school holidays to stuff with newspaper with the children and then tape closed so we could use them in our home corner and make a shop. I had hoped to make money with the children and set up a shop either under our climbing structure or in the cubby house. I was going to chat with the children about where to put it. BUT ... COVID-19 of the Delta variant hit our world in Sydney Australia and it just got worse over time. 

food cardboard packing repurposed as buildings for a small world playvillage

So here I am thinking about what experiences I can make to share with the children or find online. And Then it hit me! I have a shopping bag full of boxes and I keep putting more into recycling. So of course the children  will also have acess to boxes! Eureka! I had the best idea. 

So I grabbed a couple of boxes and turned them inside out and re-taped them. Then I used a marker to decorate them to look like houses and they were absolutely perfect! So I'm going to turn half my box collection into houses and other buildings and then use them when we do get back to preschool! The other half can continue on to be food boxes for our home corner and shop when we return to school. 

turn a cardboard food box into a building for small world play

I hope you find this little tutorial to be fun and useful and something that you can do at home or early learning space with your children or students. 



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