Apple Park || Organic Dolls

Type: Dolls

Alex, Chloe, Gwen, Levi, and Paloma the gorgeous Organic Dolls

Apple Park Organic Dolls are soft and cuddly, made from 100% certified organic cotton. They feature removable clothes secured with soft baby Velcro and a removable undergarment with an elastic waist. Additionally, the dolls have embroidered eyes, nose, smile, finger detailing, and belly button. Each doll also includes a permanently attached hat and booties.

Moreover, these dolls use all-natural materials, including 100% organic cotton and a filling blended with organic cotton and hypo-allergenic corn fiber. Apple Park Organic Dolls come in an open shelf box made from 100% recycled paper printed with soy ink. Because of this, you can rest assured they are a sustainable choice. Furthermore, they are tested to Australian Standards.

Care instructions: Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Tumble dry on low heat only. Air drying is not recommended.


  • Made from: all-natural materials 
  • 100% organic cotton and a filling blended with organic cotton and hypo-allergenic corn fibre.
  • Doll dimensions: L32 x W23xm 

The developmental benefits for children playing with Apple Park organic dolls and engaging in pretend play:

  1. Emotional Development: Helps children express and understand emotions.
  2. Social Skills: Encourages sharing, cooperation, and role-playing different social scenarios.
  3. Language Skills: Enhances vocabulary and communication through storytelling and dialogue.
  4. Empathy: Fosters understanding and caring for others' feelings.
  5. Creativity: Stimulates imagination and creative thinking.
  6. Fine Motor Skills: Improves dexterity through dressing and manipulating dolls.
  7. Self-Confidence: Builds confidence as children explore different roles and scenarios.
  8. Responsibility: Teaches basic caregiving skills and responsibility.
  9. Problem-Solving: Encourages children to think critically and therefore solve problems during play.