Insect Hotel

Type: Wooden Toys

This gorgeous insect hotel is a means of giving a safe haven to the little critters that are small but so critical to our ecosystems. Whether it's a lady beetle or a native bee, this house is ready for them to move right in.

You can also decorate the house and fill the gaps with sticks and twigs from your own garden and add some stray or dried hay to the top as well. I actually strongly encourage this! It helps the young ones helping you to form a connection with the Insect Hotel and its also helping their development. They will have to find twigs and sticks that will fit into the spaces. If they don't fit, they'll need to gather some more. You'll also have to measure the length of the sticks and twigs so that they don't stick out too far. In doing this the children are learning some hands on measuring and estimation skills - in another word - maths! 

Did you know that there are more than 1500 species of native bees living in Australia? These critical creatures provide our world with a very important and life giving role - pollinating plants.