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Stegosaurus by CollectA

For the longest time the Stegosaurus has been my favourite dinosaur. He's my absolute favourite. They were herding herbivores - like a big scaled dino-cow. I saw a video many moons ago, where they showed a simulation of the Stegosaurus dancing with it's back plants fanning up and down and its tail swooshing side to side. And that ladies and gentlemen was when I first fell in love with the mighty Stegosaurus. 

CollectA design beautiful and realistic figurines that inspire children's imaginations and enrich their natural play drive. 


This life-like figurine measures 16cm x 8.5 cm

A few fun stegosaurus facts:

  • The name Stegosaurus means 'roof lizard'! How trippy is that?
  • The Stegosaurus is the most famous dinosaur from a group of dinosaurs known as Stegosauria. They were all herbivores  and featured rows of unique bones that developed into plates and spines along their back and tail. 
  • The Stegosaurus was alive around 150 million years ago in the Upper Jurassic Period.

  • Although the Stegosaurus body was large, the size of their brain was only around the size of a dog’s. Now this just makes me imagine a bunch of stegosauruses frolicking in the fields chasing butterflies.