Transparent Tactile Shells

Type: Sensory

Transparent Tactile Shells for Sensory Play and Light Tables

Transparent Tactile Shells offer children a sensory experience. Children can use these shells to engage three of their five senses though sight, sound and touch. 

These shells are Ideal for light box play with 6 different tactile surfaces and 6 colours – red, yellow, orange, green, blue and purple.  

The tactile Shells have 6 different tactile surfaces and come in 3 sizes which offers children a multitude of sensory sensory learning experiences.

These tactile shells can be paired with our Clear Junior Rainbow Pebbles.


  • STEAM - It links mathematics and art. It will stimulate children’s imagination and creative thinking skills.
  • Sensory - children can use their hands to feel the tactile surface of the shells. They can compare and contrast the textures and try and match similar shells.
  • STEM: teach early number concepts, such us sorting, matching, comparing, sequencing, patterning, and counting.

  • 36 pieces in set 
  • 6 different surfaces 
  • 6 colours:  red, yellow, orange, green, blue and purple
  • suitable for children 18months +