Felt River Stones

Type: Felt Toys

Felt River Stones - set of 15

Felt river stones are an excellent open ended play resources. This set of 15 stones  are made form 100% natural wool and are hand felted by artisans in Nepal.

They're sensory - you can hold them in your hands, or run your finger tips along their surface. They have a white vein running through them which adds to their realistic appearance.

These stones can be used as elements in an indoor fairy garden, block area, small world play scene, as elements in telling children stories ... I'm sure your imagination is racing as is ours!

These felt river stones are loose parts that tie in beautifully with Nicholson's Theory of Loose Parts. 

Our supplier has the felt marbles made in Nepal from fair trade sources. In essence, an industry is created for a village, fair wages are paid and the artisans work in favourable conditions. They are a made from 100% wool sourced from New Zealand (almost Australia, but not quite).