Polar Small World Play Set


Polar Small World Play Set

Our Classic Little Landscape set “Polar” is a divine small world play scene that will inspire children’s imaginative and creative play.

The play scene includes:

  • a handcut linen play mat which measures approximately 50x50cms
  • Wild Republic® Polar Nature Tube, 
  • natural pebbles, 
  • white quartz stones, 
  • blue and white pebbles, 
  • large white glass pebbles, 
  • two patches of felt 'sandy' beaches
  • small natural pebbles, 
  • sea shells,
  • a white vinyl ice float
  • and natural unprocessed cotton to act as snow

Our Little Landscapes are open-ended and support children’s learning in so many valuable ways. Children are able to create their own stories or re-enact familiar tales, songs and rhymes.

Each component in this set has been carefully selected; we have spent countless hours researching and sourcing rich and textured elements to support children’s engagement and interest.

This scene could be embellished with elements from your own home, service or garden. Children can add toys from their own collection. 

Through encouragement and support, children will use their imaginations to extend this scene and enrich their own play. Small world play is a fantastic way to support children’s learning and development across all of the five Learning Outcomes (EYLF). Children learn naturally through self-directed play.

We set the scene, children create the story. 

* Little Landscapes contain small loose parts and as such are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the natural elements, there may be some variation in the small pebbles provided based upon access to supplies.