Frog Pond Small World - Suitcase Gift Box


Frog Pond Small World Kit - in a suitcase gift box with calico bag for storage.

This delightful miniature small world in a suitcase is just beyond gorgeous. As I sit here trying to think of what to write, I realise that the photos pretty much say it all. Look at it, its just stunning. So check out the photo gallery and fall in love. This set can be yours!

This small world play scene is perfect for singing five little frogs sitting on a speckled log ...

This set includes:

  • a gift box suitcase that measures 20X16X8cms
  • a green fabric mat with felted base measuring approximately 27X27cms
  • a set of frog figurines
  • fabric leaves,
  • polished wood grain stones,
  • natural pebbles,
  • a faux mossy rock,
  • driftwood,
  • a vinyl puddle,
  • flowers in an aray of bright colours: pink, purple, deep orange, yellow and red - colours and styles of flowers in each set will vary. 

All the loose parts come in their own individual bag, and are all within a cardboard suitcase. This makes this little set extremely portable.

If this item is out of stock, please message us as it can be made as a custom order.

Please note, this set contains loose parts, and as such is not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Please ensure that you supervise. If you are in an early learning service, you should consider creating a risk-benefit assessment.