Mosaic Variety Board Game

Type: Game

Mosaic Variety Board Game is a travel-friendly wooden puzzle board designed for both structured and open-ended play. Children can both learn to follow directions or be creative all while developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 

This mosaic board game comes with 15 dual-sided patterned sheets and 80 colourful wooden tiles of varying shapes, sparks creativity and captivates young minds.

Children can replicate the  30 images using provided sample cards. Each tile securely fits into the recessed base board, refining motor skills and focus. 

Alternatively, the mosaic variety board game invites uninhibited artistic exploration and allows kids to craft original patterns, animals, and more fostering both structured instruction-following and boundless innovation. When children have finished, the tiles can be stored in the included cotton string bag ensures tidy storage.

Crafted from child-safe, non-toxic painted timber, Tooky Toy prioritizes safety without compromising on quality. From enhancing precision to encouraging imaginative expression, the Mosaic Variety Puzzle Board harmoniously merges structured learning and open-ended creativity. It transcends mere amusement, evolving into a conduit for growth, imagination, and unending amusement.


  • Board size approx 21.5cmLx 21.5cmWx 1cmH.
  • Pattern card size approx 17.5cmLx 17.5cmW.
  • Each set comes with 81 coloured wooden tiles, 15 cards, mosaic tray and fabric bag.
  • Each wooden tile is approx 2.4cm x 2.4cm and fits in the tray with holes 2.5cm x 2.5cm