My First Australian Animal Alphabet Workbook || Printable


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Printable "My First Australian Animal Alphabet Workbook" 

As an Early Childhood Teacher who works with children in the years before formal schooling, I know how many of them ask for "homework" when they see their older siblings doing their own work at home.

The best way to support children's language and literacy development is 100% through play, reading stories daily, conversations, and exposure to rich environmental print.

While we all enjoy a healthy diet of food, we all don't mind treats from time to time. I put this booklet together for those children who want to explore the notion of having "homework" without any pressure or expectation.

How to support children's language, reading and writing development:

  • reading daily story books and talking about the story and the images on the pages.
  • repeating stories to develop an understanding of the rhythm of language.
  • learning about the sounds letters make, rather than the names of the letters (aka phonics)
  • drawing using a variety of tools: pencils, pens, crayons, pastels.
  • painting at an easel and on flat surfaces.
  • ripping paper, cutting, collage using glue.
  • rich conversations about life, during routines.
  • playdough, clay, clay-dough and their tools.
  • pretend and dramatic play and small world play, all support creative thinking and storytelling which is a critical element of literacy.


  • 26 alphabet pages which can be printed individually
  • can be printed and bound into a workbook
  • 26 pages featuring Australian animal characters 
  • created using an Australian style school font 
  • Instant download with two 

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