Phases of the Moon Mini Discs || My Little Set

Type: Game

Phases of the Moon Mini Discs || My Little Set

This 9 piece phases if the moon mini disc set moves from the new moon through all 8 phases. This set features the name of each phases on the reverse side and the 9th disc displays the cycle of the moon to help children place the wooden discs in order. 

Not only will children be able to navigate the cycles of the moon, but they'll also learn the names of the different phases and develop their literacy skills along the way. Science + Literacy + Play = Awesomeness.

Use this set to learn the phases of the moon and to match it with the current moon cycle. This can also be used in our Space Nature Tube  or our set of Planetary Story Teller Discs.

Each set comes in a stamped and named calico drawstring bag for easy storage.

Made from timber 5cm wide.


  • learn the language of the phases of the moon.
  • develop an understanding of the names of the phases of the moon
  • compare the moon with the illustrated discs to be able to track the changes of the moon.
  • develop an understanding of the moon, and its place within the solar system in conjunction to earth and the sun.


  • 9 discs - 8 phases of the moon plus one illustrative reference disc
  • Each disc measures 5cm
  • calico storage bag 
  • double sided discs 
  • made from timber
  • Support Australian small business maker
  • Australian small business sold
  • Suitable for ages 3+ years

Please note that these educational resources are not suitable for children under 3 years of age. If you have a child who mouths their toys, please make informed choices around this resource, or play under direct adult supervision.