Rainbow Colour Hunt Printable


Rainbow Colour Hunt Printable || Free Download

Explore the world of colour with our handy printable freebie!

The perfect way to explore the colours of the rainbow! Print this handy little printable and start hunting either inside your home, your garden or even on a shopping trip. Try and find all the colours on this sheet and tick them off as you go. 

This printable is a sweet little game that you can play with the children in your lives, whether they are your own children, your students or your nieces and nephews. You could divide children into teams and have a prize at the end such as a movie or a treat!

This is also a fantastic way to explore the language of colour. 

This printable features 12 rainbow colours: red, burnt orange, orange, yellow, light, green, dark green, teal, light blue, dark blue, violet, purple, and pink.