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11 Ways to Get Organized in 2023

11 Ways to Get Organized in 2023

We often make a goal of wanting to be more organized in the year ahead. Here are 11 ways that you can incorporate into your day to help you achieve that goal!

1. Leave your keys, phone, in the same place so you don't have to look for them. I leave my keys in the back of the front door so I always know where they are. My purse and phone are two entirely different stories! I can't tell you how many times I've grabbed my purse and left my bag and then misplaced my purse!

2. Make your bed in the morning. There is just something satisfying about walking back into your bedroom to see that your bed is made, and its also a great way to start the say with an achievement!

 woman making bed

3. Create a budget! Look at your spending and see where you can save some money. There are plenty of free resources and support groups that can help you along the way.

4. Do all the dishes before you go to bed. This is something I've been doing and being greeted by an empty sink has honestly been such a mood lifter!

doing the dishes

5. Make a weekly meal plan. Look at what you already have in our pantry fridge and freezer and make our plan from there. That way you're only having to buy a few extra items along the way.

6. Meal prep! When you make one meal, make extra to freeze for later or take for lunches. It saves time and money. This has been an absolute lifesaver for me. I will have to write a whole new blog on this concept. I mix up salads with home-made "cup of noodles" and honestly they all taste so amazing!

meal prep to save time and money in 2023

7. Hang up full outfits on the one hanger! When I'm putting my clothes away, I have started to hang up outfits on the one hanger. I chop and change the different outfits, but I can end up with 7-10 different outfits on hangers so in the morning all I need to do is grab one hanger and then fish out some undergarments from the drawers and I'm done! I really love a simplified decision in the morning. Some people wear uniforms, or create their own uniforms which has a similar benefit. I love the wooden hangers for this as you can hang multipe items on the one hanger and they're sturdy.

8. Clean up your email account! Declare digital bankruptcy. I heard about this on a podcast by Kate Doster and it gave me the biggest lightbulb moment! Mark all of your emails in your inbox as read! Then you can transfer to them to a file called "2022 ARCHIVE" and be done with them. It's the perfect way to start fresh. Unsubscribe where you need to. Delete the obvious promotions.

hanging up your outfits to save time and energy in the morning

9. Make a master shopping list in your phone! I have a list in my Reminders app and I have the completed items visible I can add and subtract items from my list which makes staying on shopping task so much easier! I'm less likely to forget things, and less likely to go rogue and buy based upon urges and cravings and sneaky marketing tactics.

10. Get rid of broken things or fix them. Holding onto things that you might "one day" deal with can lead to a feeling of overwhelm or negativity. So fix those broken things, throw them away, recycle them or find someone who will want to fix them and treasure them.

11. Make a to-do list. Use the list form the day before to guilde you in making your list for today. AND I like to add things that I'm proud of that weren't on the list and tick them off after I've written them. I strongly recommend adding on "done" items to your list so you have an even stronger sense of accomplishment for the day which is always a boost!

make a to do list in 2023 to stay organized

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