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Butterfly Small World Play

Butterfly Small World Play

Butterfly Small World Play

butterfly small world play

This divine little small world of butterflies and flowers in the ever so versatile Kmart Play Tray was created by Carla from the Home Education Collective. She designed this play tray for an enthusiastic little Miss Three who could barely wait to dive in and play. And do you blame her? I certainly don't. This simple, yet rich in sensory learning play offering is so inviting. Can you smell the gardenias and roses? No wonder someone couldn't wait!  

Small world play is a staple in early learning places and spaces, both inside and out and this arrangement blends both beautifully. These Wild Republic butterflies are a beautiful set of butterfly figurines - a perfect toy to add to your learning or play spaces. 

Thank you Carla for sharing this with me so that I could share it with everyone. 

I would LOVE for you to connect with Carla at the Home Education Collective, so  follow the links below and share the love. 

Stay Awesome, 
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