Our New Look Website for 2021 - Sticks & Stones Education

Our New Look Website for 2021

Our New Look Website for 2021

Three years ago in March 2018 I built a new website, and in March of 2021 I felt it was time for a change.   I have been meaning to update the website, but I just couldn't find the right layout that I wanted.

So I hunted through the theme store and finally found one that works for me and hopefully works for you! Our site had been essentially the same with a few updates since 2018, so it was time for a change. And I found a layout that had the  main features I wanted! 

new look sticks & stones website 2021

I wanted to improve your user experience and offer you some features like a search function at the top of the page as well as a trail of breadcrumbs for you to follow back to where you were. It can be so frustrating losing your way on a website. This should all help you to navigate the store. I also aesthetically wanted few more curved corners and a bit more style. I wanted you to be able to add to cart smoothly and also not lose your place along the way.

Some of what I will be focusing on will be:

  • updating images
  • adding in new category pages to help you navigate the site
  • defining our brands more clearly with brand categories
  • squaring those pesky rectangular photos
  • reducing the size of the home-page
  • improving the  accessibility for mobile users
  • designing new pages including a new "About" page
  • updating our FAQ

I am also planning on writing more love letters (aka newsletters) to you and it's not all about the sales pitch! I am working on adding in more blogs, items of interest, some of my favourite accounts to follow etc as well. 

- Gaby

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