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What are We Famous For?

What are We Famous For?

What are we famous for at Sticks & Stones Education?

what is sticks & stones education famous for?

I have a business mentor and one of the things she has been suggesting for years is that I use trust icons to show you what I stand for at Sticks & Stones Education.  With the revamp of the website and the handy design program at Canva I was able to create one to share with you what I feel we are famous for.

Sometimes it can be  hard to know when you buy from an online business  because you aren't able to see the face behind the brand have that smiling face greeting you behind the counter.  But I can assure you that Sticks & Stones Education is a real business and it is entirely 100% me!

I'm Gaby and a teacher who works with children from the preschool classroom through to Primary. I spent 20+ years in early childhood services, but the hours and the commuting were not working for me or Sticks & Stones Education - so I made a leap into casual teaching in primary schools.  I was also a centre director and Educational Leader mentor for a couple of years. While I loved elements of those jobs, I greatly enjoy working with children and that is afterall why I became a teacher in the first place.

When you purchase from Sticks  Stones Education - you are supporting an Australian small business with heart.

So, what are we are famous for? 

  • We are 100% an Australian small business
  • We proudly sport a teacher curated collection (by me! I'm the teacher!). Like an artist I carefully select what toys and resources we sell. They all represent our ethos and our brand: education through play.
  • Beautiful educational toys - all selected by me! 
  • World famous brands
  • Great customer feedback
  • Carbon neutral delivery - whether we use Australia Post or couriers, we are using shipping partners that proudly declare their carbon neutral strategies.
  • Recyclable and/or re-used packaging: We recycle and reuse the packing we are able to. You can recycle our shipping satchels through any REDcycle locations in participating supermarkets. If you'd like to find a location near you, click HERE!
  • Packaged with care (by me!): I wrap and package each and every order. I sit at my desk and carefully pack your items with great care. 

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