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When being a smart ass teacher leads to some awesome curriculum moments ...

Gaby Flavin

When being  a smart ass teacher leads to some awesome curriculum moments ... 

teacher holding a cup of tea as curriculum

Miss 4 was having a meltdown. Her meltdowns usually happen later in the day when she's tired, but she's been coming to preschool every day this week and her meltdown happened to be a morning one ... 

I tried everything while her mother was standing there with me and in the end I fell back on my humour ... 

I offered her a cup of coffee ... 

This was met with a head shake. 

I offered her a cup of tea ... 

This was meant with a sad nod of acceptance. 

Oops. I hadn't anticipated a positive reaction!  I was expecting a look of "WTF" or "Are you Out of Your Mind?" ... but instead I got a yes. 

Her mother responded with - she loves tea ... 

She said farewell, she came and washed her face and hands and we settled down to have a quick group chat about our new scissors and also do our roll. 

I thought I had gotten away with it. 

Ya know, not making tea. 

She piped up and said "You still haven't made me my tea yet." 


I went to the room kitchen, grabbed my loose leaf tea jar and let her have a sniff. I then used my tea-grabby-thingy and with the kettle boiled, left the cup of tea to steep near the sink. When it had cooled to be a still warm black tea, I came out with 5 cups and my mug and we proceeded to have a taste testing black tea moment. No sugar, no milk. Just tea. 

Well I was certainly surprised at how many of them liked the tea. We had a big discussion about different types of tea, and some whacky suggestions were made - like banana tea (bleh!). But one suggestion, apple tea ... well that's really a thing!

Of course ALL this is now a BIG thing. And next Thursday, when all my tea lovers are in the 'house', we'll try making some Turkish apple tea. 

We'll have to buy a tea pot and some nice little tea cups to go along with this curriculuming.

Man, I love being a teacher. Even when my sarcasm gets me in 'trouble'. 

- Gaby the Preschool Teacher 

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