2024 Printable Calendar of Significant Days

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You have been loving our Calendar of Events page on our website so I was inspired to make 2024 Printable Calendar of Significant Days. This handy printable download is because you can't aways be in front of a screen when you're planning. Our downloads have been so successful, and now you can take it with you wherever you go. You can add your own dates and scribble on it. 

Due to popular demand, I have put together this handy dandy Diversity Calendar:  Printable Calendar of Social and Planning Cultural Events and Significant Days. 

To improve the 2024 Printable Calendar of Significant Days, I've added a blank calendar to help you plan your months and year ahead. I am a visual person, and I have to see things with my very own eyes, so if you're like me, then this calendar is for you! 

Printable child care calendar 2024

I hope you find this printable useful in your teaching and learning journey.  


  • Digital PDF download available instantly and via email link
  • Instant download 
  • 2 beautiful diversity quote posters
  • 12 months of significant days to inspire your planning and teaching
  • 12 page blank calendar with diversity quotes each month