Adding Money Snap


Adding Money Snap || Learning Can Be Fun

Introducing our Australian Money Snap Game - an exciting and educational tool designed to engage school-aged children in the world of money! This innovative game provides numerous benefits that foster financial literacy and essential life skills.

Below is a list of the key advantages:

1. **Educational Fun:** Our Australian Money Snap Game combines learning and entertainment, making it an engaging experience for young learners as they grasp the concept of money.

2. **Financial Literacy:** Children will develop a strong foundation in financial literacy, understanding the value of money, and how to count and use Australian currency.

3. **Real-Life Application:** The game encourages practical knowledge as children learn to identify and use different coins and notes used in everyday transactions.

4. **Math Skills:** Players enhance their mathematical abilities, including addition and recognition of currency denominations, while enjoying friendly competition.

5. **Memory and Focus:** Australian Money Snap enhances memory retention and concentration as players try to match cards with the same total value.

6. **Social Interaction:** This game promotes social skills, cooperation, and sportsmanship as children play together and learn from one another.

7. **Parent-Child Bonding:** Parents can actively participate, making it a fantastic opportunity for quality bonding while also guiding their children's understanding of money.

8. **Classroom Tool:** Ideal for teachers, the game can be used as an effective educational resource in classrooms, promoting interactive learning.

9. **Multiplayer Game:** The game supports multiple players, making it perfect for group activities during playdates, family gatherings, or school settings.

10. **Screen-Free Entertainment:** In a digital age, Australian Money Snap offers a refreshing screen-free alternative that encourages face-to-face interaction.

11. **Easy to Learn:** Simple rules and gameplay ensure that children can quickly grasp the concept and start having fun right away.

12. **Portable and Durable:** The compact design and durable materials make the game easily transportable for on-the-go learning and play. Take it to visit family or friends, when you go to the park, beach or on your next family holiday.

13. **Gift-Worthy:** An excellent gift choice for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, providing both enjoyment and knowledge.

14. **Curriculum Aligned:** The game aligns with the Australian curriculum, supporting learning outcomes related to financial literacy and numeracy.

15. **Boosts Confidence:** As children become more familiar with money and counting, their confidence in handling finances grows.

16. **Cognitive Development:** Playing the game enhances critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, as children strategize to identify matching cards.

17. **Cultural Relevance:** Specifically tailored to Australian currency, the game ensures cultural relevance for Australian children.

Unlock the potential of financial education through play with our Australian Money Snap Game. It's an invaluable tool that combines entertainment and learning, giving children the head start they deserve in understanding the world of money. Make financial literacy fun and accessible for young minds today!

The Adding Money Snap game is the perfect way to teach children about Australian money. This educational game helps young children to learn basic adding skills and counting concepts using colourful cards featuring coins and notes. Kids can count up, add up, and snap up the fun with this educational game.

Children can have fun whilst learning the value and relationship of money.


  • The Snap cards (6 x 13cm) use both coin and digital values up to $5.
  • The varying combinations help children recognize, understand and appreciate money values.
  • The set contains 66 cards and is supplied in a sturdy storage container. Ages 4+ years