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The Allosaurus figurine by CollectA is a fierce prehistoric predator and one of the best known dinosaurs. It was the apex predator of its domain preying on all species. They ranged in size from 7.5 to 9.7 metres in length.  It possessed strong arms for holding prey and could open its mouth extremely wide to aid with attack.  CollectA has created a realistic miniature that will delight the children's dinosaur play. 

Allosaurus - a Roaring figurine by CollectA

This figurine is mainly green with a yellow underbelly and has small spines are featured from head to tail.  It has two small red horns between its eyes and along the ridge of its nose.  This dinosaur is the perfect addition to your dinosaur collection. 

CollectA design beautiful and realistic figurines that inspire children's imaginations and enrich their natural play drive. 


  • Suitable for ages 3+.
  • Made from PVC,
  • painted with non-toxic acrylic paints.
  • This life-like figurine measures 17.5 x 4.5 x 8cm (L-W-H)
  • The Allosaurus - Roaring was released in 2020

    A few fun facts about the Allosaurus:

    Allosaurus was a fascinating dinosaur that lived during the Late Jurassic period. Here are some fun facts about the Allosaurus:
    1. Name Meaning: The name Allosaurus means "different lizard" in Greek, reflecting its unique characteristics compared to other dinosaurs known at the time of its discovery.
    2. Size: Allosaurus was one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs of its time, reaching lengths of up to 30 feet (9 meters) and weights of around 2-3 tons.
    3. Hunting Abilities: Allosaurus was a formidable predator with sharp teeth, powerful jaws, and strong limbs equipped with sharp claws. It was likely an apex predator capable of taking down large herbivorous dinosaurs like sauropods and stegosaurs.
    4. Fossil Discoveries: Fossils of Allosaurus have been found in North America, Europe, and Africa, indicating a wide distribution during the Late Jurassic period.
    5. Unique Skull: Allosaurus had a unique skull with large, forward-facing eyes, suggesting it had binocular vision and depth perception, which would have been advantageous for hunting.
    6. Many Species: Several species of Allosaurus have been identified based on fossil discoveries, including Allosaurus fragilis, Allosaurus europaeus, and Allosaurus jimmadseni.
    7. Social Behavior: Evidence suggests that Allosaurus may have been social animals, living and hunting in groups similar to modern-day carnivores like lions. Fossilized trackways containing multiple individuals have been discovered, indicating group behavior.
    8. Possible Cannibalism: Some fossil evidence suggests that Allosaurus may have engaged in cannibalism, with bite marks and tooth marks found on Allosaurus bones indicating they may have been consumed by other members of their own species.
    9. Feeding Adaptations: Allosaurus had strong neck muscles and a flexible neck, allowing it to make quick, powerful strikes with its jaws when hunting prey. It likely used its serrated teeth to tear flesh and strip meat from the bones of its prey.
    10. Extinction: Allosaurus lived during the Late Jurassic period, around 155 to 150 million years ago. It became extinct at the end of the Jurassic period, possibly due to changes in the environment and competition with other predators.

      CollectA  is one of the world's largest toy figurine manufacturers.

      CollectA’s mission is to build “a natural world in miniature" for collectors, young and old alike.  CollectA has been producing their true to life miniature animals and dinosaurs for over 13 years. They are one of the largest makers of toy animal figurines worldwide. 

      All of their products have been individually handcrafted to the highest standards in design, sculpture, painting and most importantly, manufacture.  All CollectA animals have been tested to ensure they meet the highest of safety standards.

      CollectA is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of toy animal replicas and Sticks & Stones Education is proud to share this brand in Australia. This range of product which are of the highest quality in both sculpture and painting.

      The CollectA figurines are used in role play for educational purposes and fosters an ever increasing awareness of endangered species, a consciousness of environmental protection and ultimately having a benefit for the animals they represent.

      The CollectA collection includes: Dinosaurs and Pre-Historic Life, Wild Life, Farm Life, Horse Life, Woodlands, Sea Life, Dogs and Insects.

      Why do we love CollectA at Sticks & Stones Education?

      CollectA miniatures are so realistic and can can be used in open-ended and small world play. They bring nature an history to life for young children and nurture a love of nature.

      They suit all settings from  early learning services through to the home as well as schools and preschool settings.  As each individual piece can be purchased, you can add to your collection over time and ebb and flow with children's interests.

      Through their realistic figurines, CollectA fosters awareness of endangered species and the importance of our planet. We need to protect our planet and all its inhabitants. 

      CollectA are bringing new figurines and have over 560 products!