Wooden Alphabet Discs


Wooden Alphabet Discs

These beautiful wooden Alphabet Discs are a fabulous educational resource for educators or families. 

The upper case set There are two sets of the  alphabet from A to Z in both lower case and upper case. Each disc measures 50mm in diameter and is made from FSC certified wooden products. They also come from an Australian owned business who pride themselves on their innovative, ethical and innovative products. 


  • Lower Case Alphabet discs
  • Set of 26 discs 
  • measure 50mm in diameter


  • 26 Upper Case Alphabet discs 
  • Set of 26 discs 
  • measure 50mm in diameter

Ideas to Support and Extend Children's Literacy Learning Using the Wooden Alphabet Discs

  • Use two sets and set up a matching game. Have the children match like with like, or lower case with upper case.
  • Used them as flash cards
  • Use them as loose parts
  • Set them in a basket at a writing table to inspire children's early mark making and exploration of forming letters.
  • Use them to create words and support children's early literacy development.