Animal Matching Game

Type: Game

Our delightful Animal Matching Game is a wooden disc memory game designed to captivate and educate young minds. Each pair features one disk with a close-up of an animal’s patterns and features and the other with the entire animal resulting in children's learning through play. Perfect for pre-school cognitive development because it aids reasoning and problem-solving skills in young children.


  • Durable Design: Non-toxic illustrations sealed with clear matt varnish ensure lasting play.
  • Premium Quality: Made with FSC certified beech wood, each set includes 20 sturdy wooden discs.
  • Perfect Size: Each disc measures 5 cm in diameter, ideal for little hands.
  • Convenient Storage: Comes in a reusable fabric bag, perfect for tidy storage and travel.
  • Age-Appropriate: Suitable for children ages 2 years and over.
  • Enhances visual discrimination through matching, comparing, and sorting.
  • Boosts memory and concentration in a fun, engaging way.
  • Encourages organization skills as children sort and categorize the discs.

The goal of the game is to match the pattern with the animal, for example the Dalmatian with its spots, the turtle with its shell, or the zebra with its stripes. Other charming animals include a crocodile, rooster, frog, leopard, fish, and giraffe.

In conclusion, you can ignite your child's learning and imagination with this beautifully crafted memory game. Perfect for endless hours of fun and educational play!