Australian Animal Nature Tube || Wild Republic

Type: Figurines

Australian Animal Nature Tube || Wild Republic

This Australian Animal Nature Tube by Wild Republic ® contains 11 miniature figurines, including a platypus, koala, dingo, kangaroo, emu, wombat, Tasmanian Devil, crocodile, Tiger Snake, Red-bellied Black Snake, and a Brown Snake.

These Australian animals can be used in so very many play spaces! They could be included in a small world play scenario, in a garden, block area or indeed play-dough or clay.


  • supports children to develop an understanding of Australian native animals through realistic figurines that can be used in small world play.
  • can be used as story telling characters and support children in developing their creative thinking and oral language skills.  
  • add in native tree branches, leaves, and gum nuts to enrich the play and add a sensory element to children's play. 
  • combine with orange coloured sensory cotton sand for a desert play scene. 
  • write the names of the animals, and use as sight words with children in their first year of schooling as they learn to recognise written words.


  • 11 small play figures
  • The figures will vary in size
  • Phthalate Free with painted details
  • Part of the Wild Republic ® Nature Tube range
  • Recommended for children aged 3 years and older