Black Triple Moon Cauldron with Lid


Mini Enchanting Black Triple Moon Play Cauldron - Unleash the Magic of Imagination!

Embark on a journey of enchanted fantasy play with this black cast iron Triple Moon Goddess Cauldron. Perfectly sized for young hands, this mystical cauldron is expertly crafted to spark your child's creativity, transporting them to a realm where concoctions brew, textures unfold, and imaginative play takes centre stage.

Whether your young potion maker is into crafting whimsical potions, exploring sensory textures, or deep diving into make-believe adventures, this charming cauldron opens the door to a world where dreams and enchantment seamlessly converge. Complete with a secure lid, it empowers your little one to brew the most mysterious concoctions and safeguard their magical creations from the elements.

Carefully fashioned from cast iron, the cauldron showcases an intricate triple moon design, a revered symbol known as the Triple Goddess in various spiritual traditions. Representing the moon's waxing, full, and waning phases, it carries profound significance associated with different aspects of the divine feminine.

Witness the bubbling creativity as they blend ingredients, weave spells, and revel in the sensory alchemy at play! Embracing the authentic magic of cast iron cauldrons, slight variations in texture and color distribution add to its charm, affirming its genuine mystical essence. Encourage your child to embrace the uniqueness and let their imagination soar to new heights!

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Cast Iron Cauldron Triple Moon With Lid 


  • Colour - Black
  • Material - Cast Iron
  • Size - 7cm x 8cm diameter