Botanical Test Tubes - Set of 5


Tubes filled with Flowers and Botanicals for Sensory Play 

A set of five test tubes filled with food-grade dried flowers, petals and leaves. These beautiful botanicals are perfect for use with sensory play. They can be used to make potions, play dough, or sand. They honestly smell divine. Every time I open the tub I store them in, I stand there and breathe in deeply. 
Want some inspiration? I can see a divine tea set, with play dough in soft pastel colours. Children sprinkling in some of the flower petals and making tiny cookies. A tea pot filled with warm water, with more flower petals stirred through ... A perfect little tea party. 
  • 5 test tubes filled with
    = Calendula Flowers
    = Chamomile Flowers
    = Lavender Flower
    = Rose Buds
    = Eucalyptus Leaf


While the ingredients in this set are food grade botanicals we don't encourage you or your children to eat them. Test tubes contains loose parts and is not suitable for children under the age of 3.  Also consider a risk benefit analysis as children may have allergies and sensitivities.