Cardboard Solar System


Cardboard Solar System is a fun STEAM activity which explore our 4.6-billion-year old galaxy. This pre cut solar system design is made from thick cardboard, and the two dimensional shapes represent each of the 8 planets, the sun, stars and comets. Once decorated incorporate into a poster, a mobile, a diorama or in individual project work.

This cardboard solar system is out of this world!

Our Zart Cardboard Solar System is the perfect project starter for the space loving young astronaut. 

Use the space shapes along with coloured papers, pencils, markers, gouache and watercolour pan colours.

You can get fancy and add in 3-dimensional details using our beautiful collage embellishments.

You can display the planets in their heavenly order from the sun outwards, in proximity to each other on a dark background for maximum impact or gather some branches or dowelling and make an eye catching mobile. 


This Cardboard Solar System:

  • Is made from thick 400gsm white card
  • There are 10 sets in a full pack
  • 24 Pieces in each Solar System Set including the Sun, Stars, Comets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.