Chunky Bamboo Brush

Type: Wooden Toys

Chunky Bamboo Brush

Everything about this chunky bamboo brush is gorgeous. From the end of the smooth handle with all its curves to the tips of its soft bristles - holding this brush in your hand is a pure sensory experience. If this is how I feel as an adult, just imagine how a child must feel!  The handles are perfectly thick for young hands to grasp. A fantastic addition to our other fine motor resources. 

This chunky bamboo brush is a versatile play tool:

  • painting with water, natural paints, herbal and traditional tea
  • perfect for young palaeontologists to excavate dinosaur skulls from their sandy resting places
  • brush sand away in a sand tray to reveal letters and images beneath

 You can buy individually or combined in our Bamboo Fine Motor Set.


  • made from bamboo and natural bristles
  • handmade 

This product is only suitable for children 3 years and above.