Coconut Sensory Bowl || QToys

by QToys

Coconut Sensory Bowl || QTOYS

This gorgeous sensory coconut bowl is perfect for children to gather and collect natural elements: pebbles, gum nuts or seedpods, dried leaves, or flowers. 

Place fabric scraps or silken scarves inside the bowl for an infant to pull the fabric out and explore. Use the bowls to display a collection of loose parts on a table or shelf ton inspire children's nature play. 

Some playful ideas for your coconut sensory bowl:
  • Fill it with water & it can be a feeding trough or pool in small world play.
  • Add play silks or fabric scraps and turn it into a sensory experience for babies.
  • Take items in & out for a sorting task.
  • Use it to count loose parts into and turn it into a counting bowl.
  • It can become a treasure basket and store a child’s treasured possessions.
  • Take it on an adventure out into nature, either your own garden, or a nature reserve and use it to collect nature's treasures!
  • Use it for potion play.
  • Use it as a scoop in water play or even in the bathtub.


  • a coconut bowl made from a single coconut shell
  • Made from sustainably sourced coconuts


  • Made from a single coconut shell