Colourful Wooden Dominoes - Jar of 168


Oh how I wish I had these with my preschool class of 2020. They were big lovers of construction and trajectory. We had some random sets of left over dominoes and once I'd shown them how to set up dominoes only to tap them over it was on like Donkey Kong! This play went on for weeks. We pulled out the iPad and we recorded the dominoes trajectory in both time lapse and slo-mo. Nothing like adding in some digital technology to explore the science of motion. Anyway. Here are some colourful wooden dominoes that can be used learn subitising, turn taking and game playing as well as creating some domino mazes to topple over and over and over! 

Made from high-quality sustainable wood in beautiful carved pattern. Ideal
for all classroom activities such as subitising – the instant recognition of
the number of dots (or objects) in a small group, without counting (as
with dominoes). In a sturdy PET jar. 168 pieces in 6 colours.