DIY Calm Down Bottle || Jellystone Designs

Type: Sensory
Color - Pink

DIY Calm Down Bottle || Jellystone Designs

Jellystone Designs has a passion for inclusive children's toys and they have designed a unique sensory bottle for focused and calm play. Sensory Bottles, also known as Discovery Bottles have been used by educators, parents, teachers, and therapists to help children learn to self-regulate their breathing and improve their focus. I've used such bottles in my own classroom with wonderful results. 

Support children's interest and select the perfect style of DIY sensory bottle for them!

  • Pink DIY Discovery Bottle
  • Mint DIY Discovery Bottle
  • Blue DIY Discovery Bottle
  • Dinosaur DIY Discovery Bottle
  • Soft Lime Green Spring DIY Discovery Bottle
  • Galaxy DIY Discovery Bottle
  • Mermaid DIY Discovery Bottle
  • Unicorn DIY Discovery Bottle
  • Snow DIY Discovery Bottle

Jellystone Designs' award-winning DIY Calm Down Bottle is a unique sensory bottle, where you receive all the creative elements required to create a sensory bottle perfect for your child. Just add warm water and a dash of washing-up liquid and it's ready to go! With this option, you can refill and reuse the sensory bottle for endless creative options. 

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  • The Silicone Caps can be cleaned using a steriliser, placed in a dishwasher, or washed with warm soapy water. 
  • Refreshing the contents of the bottle is up to the user's discretion however, we recommend emptying and refilling every few months.