Easi-Grip Oil Pastels - Set of 24


Easi-Grip Oil Pastels - Set of 24

These safe and non-toxic oil pastels have rich colours and creamy texture. Oil Pastels are soft therefore perfect for children to blend together and experiment in colour creations.

What happens if you blend red and yellow?

What happens when you make soft feathery strokes or apply stronger pressure?


  • hexagonal design makes them easy to grip and also ensures they wot roll away!
  • Pointed tips allow for detailed drawing and won't break easily.
  • Pastels are individually wrapped in a matching colour paper sleeve for easy identification when out of the packet and/or worn down.
  • All packaged in a sturdy carry case for easy storage and travel.


  • 24 pastels
  • suitable for young hands with a solid chunky design
  • carry case